Features of a Water Purifier

Water from any organic source is generally heavily contaminated. Tap water, which is said to be medicated prior to reaching you, is found to have lots of contaminants. Therefore it will become imperative that you employ a reputable and reputed water purifier to purify the water that you have.
Water purifiers in India, come in a range of brands and types, each one claiming to be the ideal. Before you settle for a water purifier though, it is essential to know what kind of filtering methods they provide and also how effective each is.

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Distillation Type – All these water purifier distill water i.e. water is allowed to boil and vapors are accumulated to give you pure drinking water. This procedure effectively eliminates contaminants, sediments, and microorganisms. The disadvantage of these water filters is that it is quite slow and gives approximately just one liter to each ten liters filtered. Additionally, the distillation procedure does not allow oxygen to pass through, thus reducing the quality of water.
Activated Carbon Type – All these kinds of water filters utilize carbon particles to filter water. The contaminants and sediments in water stick to carbon monoxide, and you receive clean water. It also effectively eliminates any odor which might be present. The disadvantage of this filter is that it can’t kill the microorganisms present in the water.
Many kinds of purifying cartridges are available in the industry. The downside of this sort is again, that it does not kill dangerous microorganisms.

Water is passed through a semi permeable membrane in order that only single molecules could pass through. This procedure effectively eliminates contaminants in water, even though little microorganisms can escape through.
Ultra Violet filter – UV filters create ultra violet radiation, more intense than sunlight, to kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, algae, molds and oocysts, present in the water. Sediments or contaminants found in water may cause shadows and thus stop the UV rays from reaching the microorganisms.

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As you can see, no one kind of filtration is sufficient to make water totally safe for drinking. And that is precisely what Kent water purifiers provide you. RO filtration platform ensures that that there aren’t any impurities like sediments, heavy metals, salts or other contaminants. And what you get is pure, safe and clean drinking water.

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